"By revealing our unique interiorities, I believe that through my practice I’m beginning a conversation that encourages the actualization of minorities. In my work, I embrace vulnerability and communicate the experience of self to address the fragmenting nature of race, gender, and cultural norms. I, a Korean-American woman, represent an under recognized margin of people--and a misunderstood strata of women. I live a mixed identity, who presents as ethnically Asian, and who is wholly indecipherable to many. As such, I use my intersectional existence to comment on certain realities: that the Asian figure (specifically, the female Asian figure) is not regarded as other forms are; that Asian figures are distinct from Western neoclassical ones. I have been approaching art not only as a woman but as an Asian woman. I’ve never found place of familiarity in art history or in any 19th century area of any institution but now I feel I’ve found a way to co-opt classical language to subvert it in a way that gives me a feeling of agency. My commentary comes in multimedia form, be it through printmaking, painting, research, and is dually inspired by submissiveness ingrained through cultural upbringing and masculinity. Regardless of the medium, I allow my meticulous, measured approach to suggest how we might address racism, gender differences, and cultural clashes."

Insil Jang is a New York based artist. She received her BFA with an emphasis in Painting and Printmaking at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.